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All's Well That Ends Well


"This is Shakespeare the way it's supposed to be performed. The troupe plays to the crowd hilariously, speaks Elizabethan verse beautifully, and posits a smart interpretation of the play. ...The supporting cast is sensational. The idea behind Actors' Shakespeare Project was to unite the area's best Shakespearean actors outside of the American Repertory Theatre into one troupe. have to say they’ve succeeded brilliantly."
- Ed Seigel, Boston Globe

"...Diana (the wonderful Ellen Adair)..."
- Terry Byrne, Boston Herald

"Ellen Adair is a lovely Diana..."
- Carolyn Clay, Boston Phoenix

"Boston abounds in eager, talented, freshly minted conservatory grads: how about giving some of them a chance [at playing leads]? One newcomer to the company, Ellen Adair, acquits herself quite well as Diana, the country lass who pretends to bed Bertram, only to ensnare him on Helena’s behalf." -
Sandy McDonald, EDGEBoston

"The large ten member cast are all supremely effective with many successfully portraying a wide variety of dissimilar roles. ...Jennie Israel is sensitively compelling as the highly aggrieved Helena, with commanding support by Ellen Adair as Diana."
- Norm Gross, PMP Network


Paula Langton as Marianna, Ellen Adair as Diana

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