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The Beard of Avon


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"Ellen Adair delights in a couple of smaller roles."
-Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe

"The allusive relation of feeling to art is best summed up in a ditty by Steven Barkhimer that's affectingly sung by Ellen Adair as the pretty young actor regularly subjected to Richard Burbage's 'Have I got a sausage for you' routines. To wit: 'Everything from nothing comes to those who love.'"
-Carolyn Clay, Boston Phoenix

"Ellen Adair is a lively presence as Geoffrey Dunderbread, a character who appears in a play within the play, and as Lady Lettice, one of Queen Elizabeth's courtiers."
-David Brooks Andrews, Standard-Times

"Extremely well performed by the excellent eleven member cast... Eric Hamel as his lover Wriotheseley, Helen McElwain as Will's feisty wife Anne Hathaway, M. Lynda Robinson as Queen Elizabeth, and Ellen Adair as both a juvenile actor and a Lady in the Queen's court, amongst others, were all quite noteworthy."
-Norm Gross, PMP Network

"Ellen Adair, seen last summer in "Arcadia" has great fun playing Geoffrey Dunderbread, the boy who plays female roles..."
-Will Stackman, AisleSay


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Risher Reddick as Richard Burbage as Alexandrio, Ellen Adair as Geoffrey Dunderbread as Ludibundus

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Risher Reddick, Ellen Adair in 'The Beard of Avon'
Risher Reddick, Ellen Adair

Ellen Adair in The Beard of Avon
Ellen Adair as Geoffrey Dunderbread

Beard of Avon
Gerry Slattery, Ellen Adair, Eric Hamel, Richard Arum

The Beard of Avon
Ellen Adair as Lady Lettice, Risher Reddick as Walsingham, Gerry Slattery as Sir Francis Bacon, Richard Arum, Barry Press

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