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By the Bog of Cats


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"[T]his is not an easy play to act. But there are some good performances from Devanaughn... Most moving is Ellen Adair’s quiet depiction of Carthage’s new love, who realizes too late she’s not the main one. If Carr’s play were half as painfully subtle, it would be better."
-Carolyn Clay, Boston Phoenix

"[T]he play opens before dawn of the day on which that daughter's father (Charles Hess) plans to "marry, UP" with the daughter (Ellen Adair) of the richest farm-owner of the area (Phil Thompson). Like Ireland itself...all these proud, willful arguers are haunted by their conflicted, crime-filled pasts. They remember things differently, demand of one another impossible things, warn and threaten and unleash inevitable tragic violence --- all in a melodic lilt of language...And the performances --- in accents so compelling that in the act-break I asked for a candy bar in a brogue --- are excellent."
-Larry Stark, TheatreMirror

"Even though she characterizes their relationship as "two rocks grinding against one another," Hester clings with ferocity to her claim on Carthage, warning Caroline (Ellen Adair) to break off her wedding plans and insisting that there’s no way she’s going to vacate the house she once shared with Carthage in order to make room for her man’s new family...It’s not enough for Carthage to play his part in the grinding of two stony souls; he wishes for tenderness and peace, and his bride Caroline, whom we only ever see clad in a wedding dress, seems to promise a more placid future. But even Caroline - who envies the raw passion between Hester and Carthage - has her secrets and pangs: there’s a strong, though ot overt, whiff of filial impropriety between the bride and her overbearing father, the wealthy land-holder Xavier."
-Killian Melloy, EDGEBoston

"[A] fine ensemble cast...[Carthage's] new love, Caroline Cassidy, is played by Ellen Adair, seen this summer and last at the Publick Theatre. ...Each member of the cast fits into the complex jigsaw puzzle of rural life in the backwater place, full of its own petty legends and distrust of outsiders."
-Will Stackman, On the Aisle

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Gina Perille, Boston Globe, "Duggan mesmerizes in 'By the Bog of Cats'"

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