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Ellen Adair 2019 Highlight Reel
Highlights from Ellen's guest star appearances on "Bull," "NCIS: New Orleans," and "The Good Fight," as well as her lead role in the film "Trick," opposite Omar Epps.

Ellen Adair 2018 Highlight Reel
The best of Ellen's 2018 work: Janet Bayne in "Homeland," Bess McTeer in "The Sinner," and Amy Whittaker in "Chicago Fire"

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"Ellen Adair...is splendid...[a] fresh-faced beauty" -Naomi Seigel, The New York Times
"magnetic...fine" - Andy Webster, The New York Times
"the vibrant Ellen Adair" -The New York Post
"perfection...the performance [of Adair] should have you calling for your tickets" "Adair...provides the highlight of the evening " - Broadway World

"the excellent Ellen Adair" -Jayne Blanchard, The Washington Times
"the ever-delightful Ellen Adair " -Ed Seigel, Boston Globe/WBUR
"Ellen Adair’s breathtaking performance will be remembered at year’s end as one of the gutsiest and most affecting seen anywhere." -James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times
"A star turn for Ellen Adair...Adair is marvelous"" -Rick Busciglio, New Jersey Examiner

"Ellen Adair is an extraordinarily gifted and talented actor to watch as she lights up the stage" -Myra Yellin, The Morning Call
"the looks and presence of a movie star" -Luke Z. Fenchel, Ithaca Post
“Adair is especially adept at changing the tone of the scene at the drop of a hat, joking one moment and crying real tears the next” -Theatre Thoughts
“Adair absolutely shines. Captivating from start to finish, Adair defies all expectations.” -Gina Cargas, Cornell Daily Sun
“fascinating to watch...Adair's complicated, almost magical sophistication shifting to something terrifyingly needy and familiar...admirable, nuanced and even courageous.” -Barbara Adams, Ithaca Journal
“Ellen Adair is simply wonderful” –Stage Door St. Louis
“Adair is sensational” – Sheila Barth, TheaterMirror
“The best part of the presentation, though, is catching the subtle variations... utilized by Adair” -Ladue News
"Most moving...painfully subtle" -Carolyn Clay, Boston Phoenix
"an alluring charmer" -Howard Shapiro, The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Best of all is Ellen Adair" -Jan Brennan, New Maine Times
"The wonderful Ellen Adair" -Terry Byrne, Boston Herald
"the ever-radiant Ellen Adair" "always fascinating to watch" -Carl A. Rossi, TheaterMirror
"a glowing presence...the radiant Adair is much more effective at tugging at our heartstrings" -William Westhoven, Daily Record
“truly beguiling...the sudden shifts in presentation are deliciously showy, and Adair traverses them with a light but firm touch...Adair is almost frightening in the absolutely shattered moments she arrives at, wrung out and past repair...soaring, searing performance.” –Tompkins Weekly
“demonstrates the virtuosity of Adair’s mastery” –Ithaca Times
"a winsome, irresistible presence...one with the ability to provide passion." -David Siegel, Potomac Stages
"the best performance is turned in by Adair" -Jennifer Bubriski, EDGE Boston
"every inch the vixen, imbuing her blonde bombshell persona with believable sex appeal” – Alexandra Carvallo, Metro Boston
"The brilliant decision to cast Ellen Adair...gives this production its greatest spark" -David Brooks Andrews, The Standard-Times