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Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh


"The cast consists of only three people; not only do they have to carry the show, but they must age before our eyes as the play covers a span of 19 years. Their maturation is believably portrayed and fascinating to watch... Best of all is Ellen Adair, playing Marie Antoinette. As a teenage bride, she is by turns flighty and imperious, insecure and entitled, utterly clueless yet somehow charming even while defending the divine right of kings and maintaining that "not all people are born with the same rights ... a count is not the same as a peasant." As the years go on she evolves into a wiser woman, never quite grasping the subtleties of politics but at least becoming self-aware of her flaws. She ultimately develops the strength of character to face her execution with dignity and grace."
-Jan Brennan, New Maine Times

"Ellen Adair (Marie) and Caroline Hewitt (Elisa) are period perfection. Their dialogue deliciously trickles from their lips as they maneuver their glorious costumes around the stage. Adair and Hewitt have solid, well-acted individual characters but it is their relationship to each other that is like a rollercoaster of emotions. ...the performances of Adair and Hewitt and Hanson’s costume design should have you calling for your tickets today to experience this professionally executed period dramedy."
- Michael Tobin, BroadwayWorld

"All three actors in the triangle are superb. ...Against Elisa's quick brilliance, Adair's Marie comes off endearingly as the rather unexceptional person some scholars suggest Antoinette was — an ordinary person with her own insecurities and petulance (her plaints about sexual encounters with Louis XVI are comically cringe-inducing) forced into extraordinary circumstances."
- Megan Grumbling, Portland Phoenix

"Portland Stage's rendition of "Marie Antoinette" sizzled with wordplay befitting the 18th century. It was a time when words were carefully chosen for maximum effect, and Adair, Hewitt and Roach artfully captured the beauty, duplicity and seductiveness of each turn of phrase....Naivete, longing and untapped strength mingled in Adair's portrayal of Marie Antoinette, giving depth, color and texture to what historically has been a two-dimensional rendering of the French queen."
– April Boyle, Portland Press Herald

"Of the cast, Ellen Adair navigates these broad brush strokes most successfully. Her explorations of the ill-fated Marie unearth a heartbreaking sense of pride and dignity and even humility by the end of the play’s journey, as she is left waiting under house arrest to learn what will become of her."
–Elizabeth Lardie, The Times Record


Ellen Adair as Marie Antoinette

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