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Mary's Wedding

Nominated for 2012 SALT (Syracuse Area Live Theater) Award


"As there are only two actors on stage, the voice of Flowerdew must come from Ms. Adair, still barefoot and clad in her nightie. With a hunch of her shoulders and a certain throaty huskiness, we imagine we’re hearing a macho guy. He is also a comforter and an adviser to the younger man.

What Massicotte is asking of director Lampert and her cast is one of the strangest and most arresting scenes you’ll ever see on stage. The script asks that actress Adair alternate between being the Mary that homesick Charlie yearns for, and the rather rough-mannered fighting man who is present. One misstep and this becomes farcical. When Flowerdew is wounded, his buddy Charlie cradles him in his arms, something the young man cannot do with lovely Mary. For an instant we think the script may be veering into an innocent homoeroticism, when, at Flowerdew’s death, actress Adair is Mary again.

Ellen Adair’s breathtaking performance will be remembered at year’s end as one of the gutsiest and most affecting seen anywhere."
- James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

"What's most engaging theatrically is that Flowers is flawlessly enacted by Mary, still in her white nightdress (It's her dream, after all.) Adair smoothly shifts from girlish narrator to commanding soldier merely by lowering her voice and subtly altering her stance. A supple, intelligent actress, Adair is charming as Mary, but the script depends excessively on a young woman's narration. Mary-as-Flowers is the more interesting figure, suggesting a soldier's love for his comrades echoing a woman's love."
- Barbara Adams, Ithaca Journal

"If you feel you've been let down by Jack Sparrow, to say nothing of Thor, have no fear! Mary's Wedding, at the Kitchen Theatre through June 26, has everything one could ask for in a blockbuster: explosions, oversea adventures, romance, humor and imaginary horses. The penultimate work in the Kitchen's varied 10-play season bests everything at the local multiplex; it's a full-fledged crowd pleaser that should appeal to anyone seeking out satisfying summer entertainment.

The production's success also draws from its two leads, who have the looks and presence of movie stars. Ellen Adair, who resembles Rachel McAdams a bit and has appeared in Showtime's sadly defunct series "Brotherhood," brings both a tomboyish charm and a romantic's conviction to the role of Mary. She transitions seamlessly between Mary and the narrator of Mary's dream, effortlessly tossing in lines like: "This really happened. Well, most of it.""
- Luke Z. Fenchel, Ithaca Times

"Director Rachel Lampert has cast the actors well--Gilde as the strong son of the soil; Adair as the British-born girl who revels in the freedom of her new land. Adair also plays Charlie's sergeant, Gordon Muriel Flowers, creating a tough campaigner while, amazingly, wearing a white dress and bare feet.

 …Adair is a strong, charming Mary... Both actors manage the shifts of time and place with complete conviction, and their changing emotional landscape even better. ."
Judith Pratt, Lansing Star


Ellen Adair as Mary

Eric Gilde as Charlie, Ellen Adair as Mary

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