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More Than What

(World Premiere)


"[Janet] Kenney's return to the same characters in related situations allows the actors to dig in and find nuance. ...Andrea (Ellen Adair) at first seems too serious for her own good, but in the title act, "More Than What," when she expresses how overwhelmed she is to be surrounded by so much love on her wedding day, the moment has a sincerity that is quite moving."
-Terry Byrne, Boston Globe

"Ellen Adair, who’s been busy the last few seasons, is Andrea the bride and forms a solid and sympathetic center that almost binds the piece together."
-Will Stackman, Theatre Mirror

"Characters are woven in and around the wedding so that we meet the bride (the glowing Ellen Adair) and her their father’s gravesite..."
-Beverly Creasey, Theatre Mirror

"Ellen Adair’s performance as the eccentric bride-to-be and Sarah Augusta’s portrayal of her no-nonsense sister are perfectly complementary, feeding off one another as the play progresses. ...[W]hat really shines in this production is the acting, the playwriting and the emotions that the characters couldn’t put into words."
-Justine Hall, The Common Rag


Sarah Augusta, Ellen Adair
Sarah Augusta as Melody, Ellen Adair as Andrea


Ellen Adair, Sarah Augusta
Ellen Adair, Sarah Augusta


Ellen Adair, Donna Sorbello
Ellen Adair, Donna Sorbello as Ruth


Ellen Adair
Ellen Adair


Sarah Augusta, Ellen Adair, Nikki
Sarah Augusta, Ellen Adair, Nikki O'Carroll as Eve

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