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Romeo and Hamlet

U.S. Premiere


"Along with everyone in the talented company, they handle the verse well and invest their roles with enough humanity to prevent the proceedings from turning into a mere cartoon. Ellen Adair is a fine and fiery Juliet, making much hay out of her "Get thee to a monastery" tirade at her suddenly gay betrothed."
-Erik Haagensen, Backstage

"Juliet, after being scorned by Hamlet, who was supposed to marry her, becomes a hybrid of Tybalt and Ophelia.  In other words, she has been ignored by her former suitor (the Ophelia part of her), which makes her thirsty for vengeance against the man who stole her man from her (Tybalt).  In one of the smartest points in the script, during her major confrontation scene with Hamlet, she speaks the lines originally written for Hamlet, altered to “Get thee to a monastery,” and he reads the lines written for Ophelia.  ...It also featured strong performances from its cast, most notably Chris Bannow as Romeo, Craig Wesley Divino as Hamlet, Ellen Adair as Juliet."
–Rob Will Review

“And as an Ophelia-like Juliet (Ellen Adair) identifies love as the source of Hamlet's madness, she wonders if his attraction is "To me, or not to me?" ...the game, consistently delightful performers wisely refrain from overdoing the wordplay.”
– Patrick Lee, Theatermania


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